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When to Replace Your Water Heater

Is It Time for a Water Heater Replacement?

Is the water in your shower not as warm as it used to be? Or are you noticing rust-colored water coming from your faucet? Then it may be time for a water heater replacement. While you can repair some issues with your water heater, others will require a replacement. It is important to know the signs and when it is time for a water heater replacement.

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Is Your Utility Bill Going Up?elderly woman with magnifying glass reading energy bill

If you notice a higher utility bill, chances are your water heater is working harder than it needs to. Luckily, some issues do not require a water heater replacement. You can fix some problems without having to call anyone, like a broken part or adjusting the thermostat. However, if it is a more serious issue, like an insufficient tank size for your household, then make sure to contact a professional water heater replacement company to assess the problem.

Do You Hear Noise from Your Water Heater?

If you hear noise coming from your tank, whether it is hissing or knocking, then you should check if you need a water heater replacement. Noise can happen if there has been sediment buildup at the bottom of the tank. If this is the case, you need to turn off the unit, flush out the tank until the water clears out, and clean it out by soaking it with white vinegar for an hour.

If the noise persists, then there may be something seriously wrong with your unit, in which case, it may be time for a water heater replacement.

Is Your Water Heater Rusty?

If you see a reddish tint in the water when you turn on your faucets, chances are you are dealing with a rusty water heater. Rusting from the inside is inevitable for all water heaters, but you may experience this sooner rather than later if you have an old unit.

Before jumping to a water heater replacement, it is important to distinguish whether you have rusted pipes first. To quickly determine the problem, turn on both the cold and hot water tap and examine the water color. If rusty water is coming out when the water is cold, chances are there is a problem with a pipe. If it’s only an issue when the hot water is running, however, your water heater is probably rusting out, and it is time for a water heater replacement.

We don’t just focus on water heater replacement. If you are concerned there may be an issue with your sewer drain line, call Central Plumbing. We offer video inspections of your sewer drain lines and quickly take care of any problems we find.

Is Your Water Heater Leaking?

If you notice puddles or moisture around the base of your water heater tank, this could mean your unit is leaking. It is important to deal with leaks as soon as possible as neglecting them can lead to serious water damage.

First, check the following parts on your unit to ensure it is not an easy fix:

  • Leaky pressure relief valve, which can be replaced
  • Leaking water supply pipes, which can be tightened or replaced

More serious leaking occurs when pressure builds up inside the tank, which happens over time or when the water pressure or temperature is too high. High pressure or temperature causes cracks from which water can escape. If you notice cracks or corrosion, contact a water heater replacement company immediately. A water heater replacement company can fix both minor and major problems safely and efficiently.

How Old Is Your Water Heater?plumber inspecting old water heater that is being replaced

If your unit is more than ten years old, it may be time for a water heater replacement as that is when major risks start to present themselves due to its old age. With proper maintenance, your next water heater unit could last longer than a decade.

Make sure to also check what type of water heater you have before you resort to water heater replacement. Gas-powered water heaters only have a life expectancy of six to eight years, while electric water heaters can last for ten to fifteen years. A tank water heater should last six to twelve years, while tankless water heaters can surpass 20 years.

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Call Central Plumbing For Water Heater Replacement Services

Not every issue with your water heater requires a complete water heater replacement. But, if you are noticing serious issues with your unit, it is best to know a reliable and trusted water heater replacement company. If you have any questions or concerns about your water heater unit or need repairs or replacement, contact the professionals at Central Plumbing Co. in Baton Rouge at 225-925-8552.

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