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How to Prevent Clogged Drains

Drain Clog Prevention Saves You Time & Money

Drain clog prevention can be a key maintenance chore that saves you time and money. Taking the extra measure to care for your home’s drains benefits you in the long run. There a few simple things you can do that will keep your drains clear for longer. Follow our top tips for drain clog prevention in your kitchen and bathroom.

5 Drain Clog Prevention Tips

  1. Keep Food, Coffee Grounds, and Grease Out Of Kitchen Drains

Large pieces of food can quickly clog up your kitchen drains – even if you have a garbage disposal. You should always keep food items such as banana peels, eggshells, and potato skins out of your drains. Always throw coffee grounds in the trash too.

  1. Put Food Scraps in the Trash or Compost

Instead of shoving leftover dinner scraps down the garbage disposal, remember to put scraps in the trash can or compost. Your kitchen drain can’t handle large pieces of food well.

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  1. Pour Cooking Grease into a Sealable Container

Never pour cooking grease, hot or cold, into a kitchen drain. Grease hardens in the drain and clogs pipes. Instead, after you’re done cooking, you should pour the grease into a sealable container, let it cool, and toss it in the trash.

  1. Keep Hair and Soap Scum Out of Bathroom Drains

In the bathroom, shower drains tend to get clogged by hair and soap scum. One easy way to prevent this is by using a mesh screen or shower drain hair catcher.

  1. Watch What You Flush Down the Toilet

You should only flush toilet paper down the toilet. When you flush other materials, such as plastics, you’re risking clogging your toilet or pipes.

How to Clean Your Drains Yourself

Regularly maintain your drains to prevent clogging by following a few easy cleaning suggestions. One thing you can do for drain clog prevention is flush your drains weekly with boiling hot water. This is a simple way to clear out drains without dangerous chemicals that can damage your pipes. You can do this easily for every drain in your home if you’d like.

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Have Central Plumbing Inspect Your Pipes

It’s not hard to determine when to call a plumber in to fix a clogged drain. Signs include slow draining, the pungent scent of sewage, and plunging not working. If you have any of these issues, you should call the professionals at Central Plumbing in Baton Rouge. They have the tools needed to inspect your pipes and fix your clogged drains quickly and easily. For comprehensive plumbing services, call 225-925-8552.

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