Central Plumbing’s Service Warranty

At Central Plumbing, we stand behind our work. We want to leave you with the confidence that your plumbing, water and gas systems will run smoothly, keeping you comfortable and healthy.

How Our Plumbing Service Warranty Works

Our labor warranty covers you 30 days after service work, and can extend up to a year for new installations, new construction and remodels. We also warranty the parts and fixtures we supply. This warranty does not extend to customer-supplied fixtures, so before you buy your fixture, consult with Central Plumbing. Since we’re both the installer and the warranty service provider for most major brands, we can recommend the best product for your needs and help you stay covered under the most comprehensive warranties. If a fixture from our vendors needs repair or maintenance, we will do our best to make sure any work we do is covered by your warranty. As warranty service providers, we can give you the best service, sometimes at no cost to you.

Our process is simple and hassle-free. Call us if you have a problem and we will send a technician out to do a visual field inspection. Whether or not we can repair the problem under warranty, we will explain to you how your warranty works and what your best options are. If you need a new fixture, we can consult with you to find the best warranty, with long-term cost effectiveness in mind. We won’t sell or pressure you. We can give you all the information you need to make an informed decision about your plumbing needs.

How Can You Make Sure You’re Covered by Our Warranty?

Call us to find out more about our warranty. We always try our hardest to get you covered and take the headache out of the plumbing repair and replacement process. Give us a call or contact us to see if you’re covered by our plumbing services warranty.