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5 Signs You Have A Hidden Plumbing Problem

Five Signs of A Hidden Plumbing Problem

When there are major plumbing problems, it’s obvious that a plumber must be called. But what if a symptom of a plumbing issue is not obvious? Brushing off a small or hidden plumbing problem can do more harm than good and let the issue at hand get worse.

No matter if it’s an obvious plumbing problem or hidden, you can contact Central Plumbing at any time. Our plumbing experts can easily spot when something’s wrong in the home and fix the issue. In the meantime, here are five signs of a hidden plumbing problem you may not be aware of.

Hidden Plumbing Problem #1: You Smell Sewer GasPlumber checking to see if there's a hidden plumbing problem

Usually, vents in your home channel any odor from the sewer up to the roof, while the drain traps placed throughout the home act as a barrier stopping sewer odors from coming through the sink drain. If you notice a strange, unpleasant odor, sewer gas has likely entered the home.

If you are smelling sewer gas, it either means one of the drain traps has run dry, or the vent line that carries sewage through the home has cracked, allowing gas to escape. If it’s the former, you can fill the dry drain trap with water. If the vent line is the issue, one of Central Plumbing’s plumbers should be called to your home. They’ll repair your sewer line and inspect it for any underlying issues.

Hidden Plumbing Problem #2:  No Water In Cold Weather

Is water not coming out of the faucet or the hose in cold weather? Then, there may be a chance your home’s water supply has frozen. While it rarely happens in Louisiana, it’s still always best to monitor when this happens. Frozen water is caused by temperatures dropping, making the water pressure inside the home drop and stop water from flowing throughout the structure.

Thankfully, there are ways to keep your pipes from freezing. While you’re waiting for the ice to melt, you shouldn’t be surprised if cracks form in your pipes, allowing leaks. If your pipes are still frozen, you should run water through the pipe and use a hairdryer or warm towels to melt the ice inside the pipe. After the ice is melted, call a plumber to fix the cracks and leaks.

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Hidden Plumbing Problem #3:  Water Turns A Strange Color

Many of us take the ability to get fresh, clean water to our homes for granted whenever we need it. But if you open the spout and your tap water is not coming out clear, there’s something present in the water supply that shouldn’t be there. Some examples of what items may be changing the water are:

  • If cloudy, air is present in the pipes
  • If yellow or brown, there’s rust in the water
  • If green, the copper pipes in your home are corroding, or there’s an algae buildup

Having anything but clear water is unsafe for your health. If you notice your water is a strange color or has a strange odor, you should call a master plumber from Central Plumbing to your home as soon as possible. They’ll resolve this emergency 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and they’ll identify what is causing the issue.

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Hidden Plumbing Problem #4:  Water Bill Gets Higher Than Expected

Many people dread paying the water bill (as necessary as it is to get clean water), and it can be unpleasant to open the mail to see the amount you need to pay is higher than expected. But don’t shrug and pay it just yet, since an abnormally high water bill is not just a hole in your wallet. It might mean that something within your home is using up a lot of water.

First, you should check and see if you’ve done anything involving water that may justify the high price tag. Tasks like filling up the pool in your backyard or needing to water your lawn more than usual are examples that may contribute to a higher price.

Otherwise, it’s time to look for other causes. One of the most common causes is a leaking toilet or when a toilet is always running. In this instance, the toilet valve is consistently used, making the water flow as it gets flushed. Other plumbing causes include a dripping faucet and a broken water pipe. Any cause is reason to call Central Plumbing so they can fix the issue and get your water bill back to its lower cost.

Hidden Plumbing Problem #5:  Pipes are DiscoloredDiscolored pipes are a common hidden plumbing problem

Your pipes play an important role in your home, and their ability to function normally is necessary for a plumbing system to work right. If you’re inspecting your pipes and notice areas of discoloration, especially around certain parts of the pipe like the unions or joints, then moisture is present on the outside.

This can be caused by dripping from a sink or drain line, though a more serious cause is if there is a slow leak in the supply line. Pipes installed within a home are usually pressurized, meaning that any presence of a leak (even a small one) can quickly become a big problem for you. For example, your pipe could burst, leading to flooding within your home.

Call Central Plumbing If You Think You Have These Hidden Plumbing Problems

Don’t let these hidden plumbing problems build up into something more serious – call Central Plumbing today at 225-925-8552 and get them resolved. We can help with any plumbing issue you may have, no matter how hidden they are. Contact us to send a master plumber to your home or business today.

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