Pipe Winterization Tips

frozen water hanging from pipes outside from poor pipe winterization

Pipe Winterization Tips for Louisiana Winters Winter in Louisiana brings a unique set of challenges, particularly for your plumbing system. With days of 80+ degree weather followed by a few days of freezing weather, your pipes could be in for trouble. The necessity of pipe winterization cannot be overstated in a state known for its […]

5 Signs You Have A Hidden Plumbing Problem

Wall crack showing a hidden plumbing problem

Five Signs of A Hidden Plumbing Problem When there are major plumbing problems, it’s obvious that a plumber must be called. But what if a symptom of a plumbing issue is not obvious? Brushing off a small or hidden plumbing problem can do more harm than good and let the issue at hand get worse. […]

What to Do When You Have a Frozen Pipe

Image of a frozen pipe outside of home

Have a Frozen Pipe? Here’s What You Need to Do Cooler temperatures came early this year to Baton Rouge near the end of October. There was even a hard freeze warning in early November – weeks before Thanksgiving and an entire month before the official start of winter. With a hard freeze, you may find […]