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Guide to Slab Leak Detection and Repair

A Homeowner’s Guide to Slab Leak Signs and Repair from the Experts at Central Plumbing Co.

Slab leaks occur when your plumbing system is compromised, and substances like water or sewage leak under the concrete slab of your home’s foundation. Because your house is built on top of this foundation, slab leaks can be a nightmare for homeowners. If left unrepaired, even the littlest of leaks can undermine the structural integrity of your home. Professional plumbers like the ones at Central Plumbing Co. are equipped with cutting-edge ultrasonic leak detection and repair equipment to help locate and solve your slab leak problem.

If you’re experiencing slab leak signs, call Central Plumbing Co. as soon as possible to address the issue. Fast action can deter the need for more expensive repairs down the road.

Slab Leak SignsWoman looking at high water bill, a slab leak sign

Unfortunately, your home’s foundation doesn’t have a crawl space that you can use to inspect your pipes for leaks. That means that if you suspect a leak, you should watch out for these slab leak signs that can help you confirm your suspicion:

Slab Leak Sign #1: Hot Spots

If there’s a hot water pipe that’s leaking under your slab, you can detect it by walking barefoot around your house and paying attention to hot spots underfoot. When a hot water pipe breaks, the heat radiates up through your floor, and you’ll be able to feel it.

Slab Leak Sign #2: Unexplained Increase in Your Water Bill

Even though you can’t see a pipe leaking under your slab, your water meter will feel its effects. If your water bill is higher than usual without any major changes to your routines, there may be pipes leaking water under your slab.

Slab Leak Sign #3: Running Water Sounds in Your Pipes

Another sign of a slab leak is the sound of running water in your pipes. Make sure all of your faucets are turned off, walk around your home, and listen closely for any sounds of running water. If you hear the sound of water running through your pipes, then water is escaping a broken pipe and draining under your home.

These slab leak signs require immediate attention to mitigate the issue, so don’t hesitate to call a plumber like Central Plumbing Co. once you suspect an issue.

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Locating a Slab Leak

Most homeowners aren’t equipped with the right tools to locate the source of a slab leak or detect its position properly. However, sometimes a leak will be easily identifiable because of its location. If slab leak signs show up consistently in one area of your house, it’s safe to assume a broken pipe is around that area.

For example, if you see a big wet spot on your bathroom wall, that’s a good indication that the leak is located in that area. If you don’t see slab leak signs inside, check the exposed pipework around your house.

For leaks that don’t present obvious signs like flooding, you should call a professional plumber like Central Plumbing Co. that can be at your home to perform a slab leak detection service.

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If You Suspect You Have a Slab LeakPlumber repairing flooring after slab leak signs

Experiencing slab leak signs is worrisome, but if you have the right plumbing company, your problem should be taken care of right away. Whether or not you know where the leak is coming from, you should call a professional plumbing company like Central Plumbing Co. to expertly detect and repair your slab leak. We bring specialized equipment and a team of experts to perform non-invasive slab leak detection and repair.

A slab leak only gets worse over time, so save yourself time and money on more extensive repairs later by getting in touch with a plumber as soon as possible.

After you schedule an appointment with your plumber, try to remove moisture from the air in your home. If you have a dehumidifier sitting in the closet, now would be a good time to set it up. Reducing moisture in the air limits the chance of mold growing inside your home.

Slab Leak Detection and Repair from Central Plumbing Co. in Baton Rouge

If you’re experiencing slab leak warning signs, get a plumber on the phone as soon as possible. Slab leaks can drain your wallet and cause major disruptions to your routine if left unfixed, so call Central Plumbing Co. in Baton Rouge at 225-925-8552 to perform professional slab leak detection and repair work. After more than 40 years in the industry, we have the experience to fix any problem thrown our way.

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