Keep Your Water Clean

Backflow Repair in Baton Rouge, LA

If dirty water and waste are bubbling up your drains or coming out of your faucets, it’s time to call the skilled plumbers at Central Plumbing. We will conduct backflow repair in Baton Rouge, LA, to keep you safe from unclean water and contaminants. Don’t let unhealthy water disrupt your life – call us today, and we will protect you and your loved ones.

How Do I Know If I Need Backflow Repair in Baton Rouge?

Backflow happens when wastewater actively moves into your water system. It is triggered by the main water pipe bursting or a dramatic change in water pressure. Some signs you may need backflow repair for your Baton Rouge home or business are:

  • Water coming out of the taps is discolored, brown, yellow, or pink
  • There’s an odor of sulfur
  • Water flow could be slow or interrupted
  • Rust particles or sediment are present
  • Water has an unpleasant taste
  • Varying draining levels throughout the home
These signs point to serious health risks for you and your family if you don’t address the problem immediately. Any backflow presence is an emergency and will be treated as such by the team at Central Plumbing. Don’t delay – get backflow repair in Baton Rouge today.

What Happens During Backflow Repair in Baton Rouge, LA?

Before conducting backflow repair in Baton Rouge, LA, the plumbers at Central Plumbing check for leakage, gauge movement, and other telltale indicators of a malfunction during backflow testing. We also make sure the backflow prevention device (BPD) is working correctly to prevent dirt, waste, or contaminants from entering your clean water supply.

During backflow repair in Baton Rouge, our plumbers will:

  • Shut off the backflow prevention device
  • Remove corrosion or scaling
  • Replace old rubber parts
  • Evaluate and clean component seats
  • Flush out the incoming water line
  • Repressurize the system
  • Replace backflow device if necessary

Every year in Louisiana, plumbers are required to conduct testing to ensure the BPD is working properly according to the International Plumbing Code. By keeping a close eye on your property’s BPD and making repairs, we keep you safe in the long term. Restore clean water in your home today with backflow repair in Baton Rouge.

Get Backflow Repair in Baton Rouge, LA, With Central Plumbing’s Help

Don’t let dirty, contaminated water wreak havoc in your home. Put backflow behind you and keep you and your loved ones safe when you call our master plumbers today. Contact us at 225-925-8552 for quick and efficient backflow repair in Baton Rouge, LA.