Stop the Flow of Dirty Water

Backflow Testing in Baton Rouge, LA

Everyone deserves access to clean water that is free from any contaminants. In a plumbing system, water moves inside and outside the home, bringing clean water in and pushing dirty water and waste out. If you’re turning on the sink and see dirty water come out, it’s time to call Central Plumbing to get backflow testing in Baton Rouge, LA. Call Central Plumbing today and protect yourself from unhealthy drinking water.

What is Backflow and How Does It Affect My Home?

Ideally, clean water moves into the home while dirty water and contaminants stay out of the home. Backflow happens when the water flow has been reversed, so the contaminated water enters the clean water line. It’s usually triggered by a significant change in water pressure, like if the water main has burst.

This can create health hazards for you since the dirty water coming out of your faucet may contain human waste, pesticides, chemicals, or other hazardous material. If not stopped, it can lead to serious illness or death. This situation must be resolved as soon as possible. 

Call one of our emergency plumbers from Central Plumbing so they can determine what caused the issue and repair it immediately.

How Plumbers Perform Backflow Testing in Baton Rouge

Backflow is usually stopped with the help of a backflow prevention device (BPD). A backflow prevention device will prevent dirty water from entering the clean water supply if there’s an unexpected big change in water pressure.

The backflow prevention device needs to be installed and connected to your plumbing system to stop backflow.

Our employees at Central Plumbing will:

  • Install a BPD to your home or business’s plumbing system when you first turn on water service on one or multiple lines
  • Assess how well the BPD works by opening and closing the valves of the backflow prevention device or assembly
  • Look for leakage, gauge movement, and other telltale indicators of a malfunction during the testing and ensure it’s working properly

Getting backflow testing in Baton Rouge completed is necessary for your and your family’s health and safety. The State of Louisiana requires that the backflow prevention device be tested every year or more often if required by the IPC or the manufacturer to make sure the prevention device still works. We test your device to determine whether repairs need to be made and to ensure you remain safe each year.

Call Central Plumbing for Backflow Testing in Baton Rouge

At Central Plumbing, we care about you and your family’s safety. Our plumbers will ensure the issue has been resolved and your safety needs have been met. If you need to schedule backflow testing in the Baton Rouge area, contact us today at 225-925-8552. Let us turn this water issue into a thing of the past.