Safe and Efficient Method to Unclog Your Drains

Hydro-Jetting Services in Baton Rouge

When you need a blockage or buildup in your pipes removed quickly, call Central Plumbing Co. for hydro-jetting services in Baton Rouge. Our professionals use state-of-the-art equipment to break apart and remove grease, mineral buildup, debris, and larger items like tree roots from your pipes.

With our Baton Rouge hydro-jetting services, our experts will take the stress out of dealing with clogged pipes efficiently and safely. Call the plumbers at Central Plumbing Co. for hydro-jetting that’ll quickly resolve that pesky plumbing issue.

When Do I Need Baton Rouge Hydro-Jetting Services?

Large clogs and backups in sewer lines can cause water to drain slowly and damage your home, but our Baton Rouge hydro-jetting services can help. Our experts use highly-pressurized water to create a powerful force that will cut through any blockages in your plumbing system or sewer lines. You may need hydro-jetting services if:

  • Your drains run slow
  • You notice a stench coming from your drains
  • Your plumbing system backs up regularly
  • You hear noisy or gurgling pipes
Don’t hesitate to call Central Plumbing if you notice any of these signs. If you don't address the problem, you could be putting your plumbing system at risk and creating more costly repairs down the line. Get hydro-jetting services in Baton Rouge today.

Hydro-Jetting Services in Baton Rouge Has Long-Lasting Benefits

When you call Central Plumbing for hydro-jetting services in Baton Rouge, we take every measure to ensure there is no damage to your sewer or drain lines and help prevent future clogging. Our hydro-jetting services are proven effective in keeping your plumbing system flowing freely for the foreseeable future.

We use zero chemicals to prevent eroding your pipes, and we make sure to reduce any harmful bacteria in your plumbing system. Get a long-lasting solution to protect your plumbing when you contact Central Plumbing for our Baton Rouge hydro-jetting services.

Call Now for Hydro-Jetting Services in Baton Rouge from Experts Who Care

We understand how frustrating it is to deal with tough clogs and terrible stenches from the drains. Call the plumbing team dedicated to providing you with excellent service and efficient repairs with our top-performing hydro-jetting services in Baton Rouge. Call us today at 225-925-8552 to restore your sewer and drain lines.