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Preparing Your Plumbing for a Hurricane

Steps to Prepare Your Plumbing Before a Hurricane

During a hurricane, your plumbing system will have to deal with more water drainage than usual, so it is vital to make sure your plumbing is prepared to handle the added stress. Preparing your home for a hurricane is one way to reduce possible damage from the storm. It may help you avoid expensive repairs to your home’s foundation and appliances. Follow these steps when preparing your home’s plumbing for a potential hurricane.

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Turn Off Main Water ValveImage of a pipe thermometer

Locate your water valve days before a storm hits, and shut it off. This will ensure that your household water supply doesn’t mix with contaminated water. Flood water contains sewage, chemicals, car runoff, and debris that can cause illnesses.

Clear Debris Around Drains

Another way to prepare your plumbing for a hurricane is to ensure that your drains and gutters are free of debris. This makes sure water has a place to go other than puddling on your roof, which can help you avoid costly roof repairs later. Drains that are clogged will not be able to handle the water overload and extra debris that comes with storms. Clearing debris is a simple step you can take to reduce the likelihood that your home will flood.

Switch Off Your Water Heater

Switch off your water heater during a hurricane. Running your water heater during a storm puts pressure on your already stressed water system. Make sure you turn off your electricity or gas supply to your water heater as well to ensure that it does not turn on while the main water supply is off.

Install a Backwater Check ValveImage of a water tank

If you have ample time before a storm or want to prepare your plumbing for future storms, call Central Plumbing to install a backwater check valve. This makes sure that any hurricane water in your home or plumbing system does not mix with your household water supply and contaminate it. If you have a backwater valve already, make sure it is properly maintained.

With over 40 hurricane seasons under our belt, there’s no plumbing problem too big for us to handle. The expert plumbing team at Central Plumbing is ready to prepare your home plumbing system before a hurricane, and we are here after a hurricane to service your repairs.

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