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Master Plumber is a Great Career Choice

Why Becoming a Master Plumber is a Good Career Path

Millions of people rely on plumbers for a clean and comfortable home every year. From keeping a toilet functioning to laying the entire pipework for a home, master plumbers are responsible for one of the biggest utilities people use on a daily basis. Along with that responsibility, plumbers have great job security and enjoy many benefits. This career also allows people to do meaningful work in a hands-on setting. When searching for your ideal career, consider the many benefits of becoming a master plumber at Central Plumbing.

The Job of a Journeyman Plumber and a Master Plumber

Plumbers are in charge of water supply and removal when installing and repairing pipe work for commercial and residential buildings. Plumbers face new challenges every day and must have the knowledge in advanced drainage systems and a keen eye for solving problems to be effective in working on residential and commercial properties.

Less experienced plumbers are also called journeyman plumbers. Journeyman plumbers can perform standard plumbing services without supervision because they have completed the proper training and education. Master plumbers have more experience and training than journeyman plumbers. Master plumbers have the licensing and training to perform more in-depth and advanced projects, such as installing entire plumbing systems, renovating bathrooms, or installing appliances. Master plumbers are also the only plumbers classified to run apprenticeship programs and supervise other plumbers.

The Benefits of Being a PlumberMaster Plumber Using Skills in Career

One of the biggest benefits of a plumbing career is that you get paid while you are learning the trade. Unlike other careers, where you have to pay thousands of dollars to learn the job before you can even begin looking for a job in that field, a plumber earns money while learning. This great benefit means you can support yourself and your family when you are just starting out.

Another great benefit of being a plumber is the job security. The BLS predicts a much faster than average growth rate in the plumbing occupation until 2026. With the average growth rate across all occupations at five percent, the prediction for the growth rate of 14 percent for plumbers is phenomenal.

In addition, many plumbers have some autonomy over their schedule and can adjust it for personal obligations when necessary. A career as a plumber also gives you flexibility in location, meaning that plumbing skills are needed everywhere, and your skills will serve you in any state if moving was ever required.

Being a Plumber Pays

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average yearly salary for plumbers was reported at $53,910 in 2018. This respectable salary sits just below the average household income in 2018, which was reported at $61,937 and includes all people in that house earning wages. With high-earning potential, flexible schedules, and job autonomy, becoming a plumber is an ideal career choice for many.

How To Become A Master PlumberMaster Plumber Fixing Plumbing

A high school diploma or the equivalent is all that is needed to start your journey on becoming a certified plumber. From there, you must complete an apprenticeship program and work under a licensed plumber for 8,000 hours or five years. During the course of your apprenticeship, you’ll learn the trade and skills needed to be a successful plumber. After you complete your apprenticeship, you are eligible to take the test for your journeyman plumber license, and eventually, your master plumber license.

Work with Central Plumbing

Choosing plumbing as your career can set you up for life with a great job that comes with multiple benefits. At Central Plumbing, all our journeyman and master plumbers enjoy the work they do for the great people of Louisiana. If you would like to learn more about a career at Central Plumbing, then contact us today! We offer paid apprenticeships and hands-on training and support. Get a job as a plumber and create a life for yourself that you can be proud of – apply today.

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